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Now that title up there would have been annoying, WOULD HAVE BEEN, had this been the comments section, but it’s not so you may proceed to put that flame-thrower of yours down.

Now lets try not to kill each-other and at least let me introduce myself to you first.

I am The Gaming Panda .

My job will be to inform you of what I think of certain games new and old, I will not ask for anything in return despite my sacrifice of sleep in order to do the job. However if you wish to reward me for my generosity, I will happily accept.

So before we continue, you may ask, why should you care what I think?

Why should you, the one reading this currently, a homo-sapien of whom I assume is a normal strictly law-abiding citizen who may or may not know who Zelda is ( Hint : has a vagina ) care what I think?  Well of course you must care, I’m an educated, responsible, honest, non-drug using citizen who doesn’t masturbate to Hentai Porn. I have qualifications to do this thing, don’t believe me?

Check the ‘ About The Gaming Panda ‘ tab up there.

Satisfied? Good.

Lets play some games bitchez.

PS : I may also decide to miss-inform you of certain things, for the purpose of humor… for myself.

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