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DEVELOPED BY: Thatgamecompany

PUBLISHED BY: SONY Computer Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Jenova Chen

ARTIST: Matt Nava

Aaron Jessie

COMPOSER: Austin Wintory

RELEASE DATE: March 14th 2012  ( EU )


Little over a month ago I decided I’ve taken enough of a break from writing and re-start this short lived Gaming Blog. To be honest with everyone, the first few post were just my version of “BETA testing” to see how this blog would be received, I had to decide on a tone that fit and something that wasn’t as tiring or debate centered.  In the time I spent drafting around my feeble existence in the Gaming Universe, I somehow managed to have my PSP stolen. Well great I thought to myself. The Gods of Gaming have spoken, I was to work my way back up again.

So I set on a Journey across the ocean in search of the truth. To be specific, I went to France and picked up a PS3 Slim 160GB for myself from the VIRGIN Store.  I didn’t get any games so when I got back home and hooked it up I just starred at my now burned up Debit Card exhausted of funds. I depleted what little I had left in it to buy myself  Thatgamecompany’s  latest release. “JOURNEY”

About 10 minutes and 15 Dollars later I find myself in the world of Journey expecting to see a dialog box pop up and tell me what to do…

No such luck…

I knew I shouldn't have eaten those Mind Controlling French Fries!

Instead a controller just faintly shows up showing you how to control your character… and… that’s about it. I find myself in the middle of a dessert feeling … to be honest, kind of lost.

BUT I MUSTN’T FEAR ! A quick scout of my surroundings reveals the faint shadow of a building? This game instead of giving you a bunch of answers just gives you questions really, lots of it.  In the form of “What the fuck now?!”

After a while of walking around down it’s quickly evident, how beautiful this game looks. The sand, the cloth you’re character is wearing floating in the wind.

And without the game having to pop up this huge ass dialog box saying “GO THERE! THERE!’ the game assumes ( quite rightly ) that you have to head in the direction of this Mountain with light spewing out of it’s mouth like it’s a Bat Signal.

I was sort of disappointed to find no such Bat Signal.

So 2-hours later, the game’s done. There isn’t much to say about this game, since I’d just be spoiling everything else for you.
The game isn’t in the traditional sense a “Game”, I would call this a game at all to be honest, and that’s a good thing. Journey is as the name suggest, a Journey, you have to experience it on your own. The world of Journey is stunningly beautiful.

Regarding the Multiplayer ?

Though it’s fun to run into another player suddenly while playing it’s really more fun to be alone, it just excites the experience that you’re alone. Journey may well reflect your inner loneliness as a gamer and show you what wonders we can do to fill in that loneliness with beautiful fictional worlds we all want to escape to.

Or maybe I’m just full of shit. The game doesn’t show you who that other player really is, it does nothing to tell you how old he or she could be, you can’t talk to each other. Merely use these feebly audible shouts your character can do ( which is all it can really do ) to signal each other. Not sure how you’re supposed to respond to it either.

Finishing the game will only then reveal to you who you met online, and you’ll probably notice that you actually met more than one person. The game actually shuffles the players that you meet, you think you’re playing with the same person when in reality you’re just bumping into other just as lost gamers as you.

Visuals : 8/10

Controls : 7/10 ( There isn’t much to say regarding it since there isn’t much to begin with )

Music : 8/10

Re-play Value : Disappointing amount of trophies really, but worth the Journey.

Overall Panda Points : 7/10

Thatgamecompany is really no stranger to these artsy games though, they’ve spun out beautiful pieces such as Flower and Flow before. Flower is another definitely must try if you’re into that, uhmm, Hipster *Cough* thing?

Why does this remind me of Japanese Hentai?

Written by : @kingofcuteness